Our reporter in the field, Claudia Lasareff-Mironoff, asks the artists what it is like to perform video game symphony music live!


CLAUDIA: Where are you from originally?
JENNIFER: Wheeling, IL
CLAUDIA: Do you take voice lessons?
JENNIFER: Yes. I'm a music education major.
CLAUDIA: When did you start singing and taking lessons?
JENNIFER: I started singing since I could talk, got into musical theater and started voice lessons in 8th grade.
CLAUDIA: How many Final Fantasy video symphony concerts have you performed?
CLAUDIA:Would you consider yourself a gamer?
JENNIFER: Yes and no. I love playing but I am not what you might call "good."
CLAUDIA: Does anyone in your family?
JENNIFER: Yes my oldest brother enjoyed playing a lot.
CLAUDIA: Who influenced you most in your interest in singing?
JENNIFER: My whole family enjoys singing so I grew up singing harmony with them. My family sang for fun and as an expression of art and emotion. I listen to a lot of world music, especially Irish and Brazilian folk. I am also heavily involved in jazz of all styles and musical theater. Ella Fitzgerald is someone I listen to frequently. My Middle School and High School Choir directors really inspired me to perform and not be afraid of criticism or compliments. They made music my life and want.
CLAUDIA: Have you attended any music festivals or choir tours?
JENNIFER: Many. I have been attending Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) Conference since I was a freshman in High School. Plus I have luckily been able to travel with my choirs over the years to destinations such as Florida, New York, and Jamaica.
CLAUDIA: Do you perform as a soloist as well as in choirs?
JENNIFER: When I get the opportunity. I am a shy person in person, but when I hit the stage, I light up. It's a feeling I can never get enough of.
CLAUDIA: What do you remember most about the rehearsals and concert?
JENNIFER: I was super excited to be premiering a few pieces. This can also be very difficult because there is no example to follow. The concert atmosphere was insane! It feels like a rock concert which is funny because the music feels more classical. When I was asked to do this concert again, I flipped out. It was the experience of a lifetime and I was able to do it AGAIN! Nobuo Uematsu is a genius. His music is very enticing and memorable. There is no better feeling then singing with a professional orchestra. There is no down time. Rehearsals went so smoothly.
CLAUDIA: What was your favorite piece?
JENNIFER: My favorite piece is hard to pick- but if I had to narrow it down, it would come between Fisherman's Horizon and One Winged Angel.
CLAUDIA: Have you ever seen an audience show such enthusiasm for a living composer at an orchestral concert? JENNIFER: NO WAY! I could not stop smiling. The respect and love that the fans had for Uematsu and his music gave me chills. I hope I can be apart of this for many years to come. The music is so amazing and never gets stale. It's a gem.