A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY – Volume III CD

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A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY – Volume III CD

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SQUARE ENIX and AWR Records are proud to present A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY, Volume III, produced and conducted by the formidable Eric Roth. Most of these tracks were premiered as part of our monumental SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION world tour in support of the 35th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY!

A New World III includes new, official, and exclusive arrangements of supreme musical selections from throughout the series! It begins with the beloved new classic “Valse di Fantastica” from FINAL FANTASY XV by the inimitable Yoko Shimomura and continues with Masashi Hamauzu’s resplendent “Besaid” from FINAL FANTASY X! It includes TWO electrifying performances from FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS: “Insatiable” and “Sands of Amber,” both composed by Masayoshi Soken. Of course, the father of FINAL FANTASY music, Nobuo Uematsu, is duly represented with shimmering performances of “Lenna’s Theme” from FINAL FANTASY V, “Land of the Dwarves” from FINAL FANTASY IV, and “Find Your Way” from FINAL FANTASY VIII. Also, there are transcendent performances of Naoshi Mizuta’s “Heavens Tower” from FINAL FANTASY XI and Hitoshi Sakimoto’s “Sorrow” from FINAL FANTASY XII. All these extraordinary chamber music settings were arranged and orchestrated by Arnie Roth, Eric Roth, Naoshi Mizuta, Shiro Hamaguchi, and Chris Opperman. 

A New World III documents a radiant collection of performances by The New World Players at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington, USA, including special live bonus tracks from Saturday night! It also includes awesome solo performances by beloved pianist Benyamin Nuss and superb guitarist Sam Griffin, leading to an intimate listening experience for all. 

Join the adventure!


Track list:

  1. FINAL FANTASY XV: Valse di Fantastica
  2. FINAL FANTASY X: Besaid
  4. FINAL FANTASY XIV: Insatiable
  5. FINAL FANTASY V: Lenna’s Theme
  6. FINAL FANTASY IV: Land of the Dwarves
  7. FINAL FANTASY VIII: Blue Fields
  8. FINAL FANTASY XIII: Atonement (Live Version)
  9. FINAL FANTASY XI: Heavens Tower
  10. FINAL FANTASY VIII: Find Your Way
  11. FINAL FANTASY XIV: Sands of Amber
  12. FINAL FANTASY XIII: Serah’s Theme
  13. FINAL FANTASY I: Main Theme
  14. *FINAL FANTASY XII: Sorrow (Live Version)
  15. *FINAL FANTASY IV: Land of the Dwarves (Live Version)
  16. *FINAL FANTASY XIII: Serah’s Theme (Live Version)

*Bonus Track